12,5 year Kaikura
(published: Sun 1 Mar)

Some wonder what happened to the models of the early Kaikura days.

They do great. Yesterday I met Nicole (1.91) again.. And she was happy to see me :D


Bara - I
(published: Sat 28 Feb)


Bara H
(published: Fri 27 Feb)


Alana and the Starzzzz 4
(published: Tue 24 Feb)


Shopping - 2
(published: Thu 19 Feb)


Alana and the Starzzzz 3
(published: Tue 17 Feb)


Alana and the Starzzzz 2
(published: Sat 14 Feb)


Martine vs the Tall Tourist
(published: Thu 12 Feb)


They are just Super Tall
(published: Wed 11 Feb)


12,5 years Kaikura, Bara G
(published: Mon 9 Feb)


12,5 years Kaikura, Bara F
(published: Sat 7 Feb)


Gallery 150
(published: Fri 6 Feb)


Unexpected battle
(published: Thu 5 Feb)

A game of Height between the two tallest in the country


Tall Josephine in the forest
(published: Thu 5 Feb)


Gone Shopping
(published: Tue 3 Feb)


Josephine is just SuperTall - 2
(published: Thu 29 Jan)


Josephine is Super Tall
(published: Tue 27 Jan)


12,5 years Kaikura, Bara E
(published: Sat 24 Jan)


12,5 years Kaikura, Bara D
(published: Wed 21 Jan)

Bara and Canali


12,5 years Kaikura Bara C
(published: Sun 18 Jan)


Alana and the Starzzzz 1
(published: Fri 16 Jan)


12,5 years Kaikura, Bara B
(published: Wed 14 Jan)


12,5 years Kaikura - Bara A
(published: Mon 12 Jan)


Bara vs Tall Astrid
(published: Fri 9 Jan)


Josephine vs Tall Astrid
(published: Thu 8 Jan)

Josephine vs Dutch Tall Astrid.

18 years ago, AD 1997.

Josephine on socks, Astrid on little heels.


Josephine vs TRA - 2
(published: Tue 6 Jan)

Teasing Josephine.. a bit


new Yeans for Bara.
(published: Sat 3 Jan)


Unexpected Journey - 004
(published: Sat 3 Jan)


Game of Reach Speciale...
(published: Fri 2 Jan)


Remembering 12,5 years Kaikura
(published: Thu 1 Jan)

2002/2015 - 12,5 years Kaikura.

In january and february with some Barbora Photo's.


Josephine vs TRA
(published: Tue 30 Dec)

1m97 vs 1m96


Three Towers ...
(published: Wed 24 Dec)

TRA, Jacqy and Josephine

The Battle of Height


Unexpected Journey - 003
(published: Wed 24 Dec)


Martine (205+) in Amersfoort (2)
(published: Mon 22 Dec)


Martine in Amersfoort (4)
(published: Thu 18 Dec)


Unexpected Journey - 002
(published: Tue 16 Dec)

Traveling deep into the countryside

Dancing, singing, drinking... and some food


Don't ..
(published: Sun 14 Dec)

Don't call Martine Kleinė" (shory)


Unexpected Journey - 001
(published: Thu 11 Dec)

A journey into the unknown....

As requested by mail.


Martine in Amersfoort
(published: Sun 7 Dec)


The Three Towers
(published: Mon 1 Dec)

Some photo's of the famous meeting between Josephine (197), TRA (196) and Jacqy (188)


Do you play Basketball.... ?
(published: Fri 28 Nov)


These legs
(published: Tue 25 Nov)

1m88 vs 1m96


Time for Nicole to stand up..
(published: Tue 18 Nov)

So... who is Taller ?


Tall Martine in Amersfoort
(published: Sun 16 Nov)

2m05+ Martine in Amersfoort

November 2014


The amazing event.. who is Taller
(published: Fri 14 Nov)


A height game 1
(published: Wed 12 Nov)


It seems...
(published: Mon 3 Nov)

It seems Josephine is no match for Nicole


Josephine is just SuperTall
(published: Sat 25 Oct)


Martine vs.
(published: Fri 26 Sep)

Martine vs a 1.96 Tall model (1997)


Tall Suu in 2007
(published: Fri 5 Sep)


This girl is strong
(published: Mon 1 Sep)


Classuu 201 - 2
(published: Fri 29 Aug)


Classuu 201
(published: Mon 25 Aug)

Classic Suu


It is Good to be Tall
(published: Sun 10 Aug)


Tall Tanja relaxng
(published: Sat 26 Jul)


Tanja in the Hotel
(published: Sun 20 Jul)

Tall Tanja in the Hotel Lobby


Fashion in the City
(published: Wed 9 Jul)


Suzy 2014
(published: Mon 30 Jun)


Height Games (6)
(published: Mon 23 Jun)

They wanna win


Height Games (5)
(published: Tue 17 Jun)


The Height Games (4)
(published: Fri 6 Jun)

Josephine and Jacqy playing Height Games


The Height Games (3)
(published: Mon 2 Jun)

Josephine and Jacqy playing Height Games


The Height Games (2)
(published: Fri 30 May)

Lange Jacqy (1m88) is shorter than Tall Josephine. It is time for some special shoes


The Height Games
(published: Mon 26 May)

Lange Jacqy vs Tall Josephine

Lange Jacqy is 1m88... she meets Josephine.


The Height of Martine
(published: Wed 21 May)

She is Taller than you.
And she likes it.


City of Peace
(published: Mon 12 May)

200 years after the Canadian USA war
100 years after World War 1 started
75 years after World War 2 started.

Let's make peace.. not crazyness.


Martine vs the Tree
(published: Fri 9 May)


Martine meets a Taller Lady
(published: Mon 5 May)

Martine meets Eline Vere, from a famous novel by Louis Couperus (1863-1923).

Statue is 2m72 (8f11)


Eiffel Tower - 125 years old
(published: Wed 30 Apr)


125 years Eiffel tower. in Paris (4)
(published: Sun 27 Apr)


125 years Eiffel tower. in Paris (3)
(published: Fri 18 Apr)


125 years Eiffel tower. in Paris (2)
(published: Tue 15 Apr)


125 years Eiffel tower. in Paris
(published: Sat 12 Apr)


A world of Tall Models
(published: Thu 27 Mar)


Wendy and Alana
(published: Tue 25 Mar)

1m94,5 Wendy and Alana (2m11)


Alana and Arlette
(published: Mon 24 Mar)


Relax !
(published: Wed 19 Mar)

Have a good time.
Spring is just around the corner


(published: Mon 17 Mar)


Measuring Alana
(published: Sun 5 Jan)

Alana is ....


One of Europe's Tallest
(published: Wed 25 Dec)

.. and most beautiful women.
Inside.. and outside.


Alana is Tall...
(published: Sun 22 Dec)

Toyah is Tall.. about 1.89
Josephine is Taller.. agout 1.97
Martine is even Taller with her little heels over 2m07
but Alana is the winner.. 2m11.


Claudia, Nicole and Josephine
(published: Sat 21 Dec)

in the city of Alkmaar


Martine is Tallest...
(published: Fri 20 Dec)

Toyah is Tall.. about 1.89
Josephine is Taller.. about 197
Martine is even taller... about 2m05 and even more on her little heels..



Josephine is Tall
(published: Thu 19 Dec)

Toyah is Tall... about 1.89
Josephine is Taller.. about 1m97


Toyah is Tall...
(published: Wed 18 Dec)

Toyah is Tall.. around 1.89



Pammy is just Super Strong
(published: Mon 2 Dec)


Height compare
(published: Fri 22 Nov)


(published: Sun 29 Sep)


The Gate
(published: Wed 28 Aug)


Jump !
(published: Sat 3 Aug)

Tall Jos, Taller Tine and the Model of June


Made for us
(published: Tue 30 Jul)


Big Boys, Birds and ....
(published: Sat 27 Jul)


Tanja Down Under Winter pics
(published: Mon 15 Jul)


Playing a bit
(published: Wed 15 May)


In the air (2)
(published: Wed 24 Apr)


A Train of Models
(published: Wed 24 Apr)


(published: Fri 19 Apr)


Models in the air
(published: Thu 18 Apr)


A row of Models (Nijmegen)
(published: Sun 14 Apr)


A row of Models
(published: Wed 10 Apr)


Alana in Jeans
(published: Sat 6 Apr)


Kaikura models in Amsterdam
(published: Thu 4 Apr)


Long Lette vs Tall Tanja - Back to Back
(published: Fri 22 Mar)

Let's do Back to Back

1m86 Arlette vs Tall(er) Tanja

Arlette even stands on her toes to be victorious.. but does it help ?


Happy Birthday Mikayla
(published: Tue 19 Mar)

Today we celebrate Mikayla's Birthday.


Alana in the Castle (1)
(published: Sun 10 Mar)


Alana in the Netherlands
(published: Mon 4 Mar)

Alana, Dominique and Wendy


I've got you
(published: Sun 24 Feb)

Strong Models


Too low..
(published: Thu 24 Jan)


A rainy day...
(published: Tue 15 Jan)


Measuring Tanja
(published: Sat 12 Jan)


Games of Reach 2013
(published: Thu 10 Jan)

2m01 vs 1m94


10 years Kaikura - a final look back
(published: Sun 30 Dec)


(published: Tue 25 Dec)

A final look back to 10 years Kaikura with 3 TRA galleries


Tall Josephine...
(updated: Fri 21 Dec)

The years before Kaikura :
Josephine meeting Margo

And Nicole meeting Margo in 1997 and 1999 and Alana in 2004.


10 years Kaikura - Josephine 2003 002
(published: Sat 15 Dec)


SuperPam having Fun
(published: Fri 7 Dec)

Pammy lifting a little car



The adventures of SuperPam
(published: Wed 5 Dec)

Pam was a model at Kaikura in 2004 / 2007

Always great fun with her.

She is doing well, mother of one, expecting a second baby soon.


10 years Kaikura : Josephine
(published: Tue 4 Dec)

Josephine, our first model (may 2002).

Still modeling every now and than for Kaikura Magazine, she moved from Sweden to NL and is currently in Belgium.


Ellen in Den Haag (6)
(published: Fri 30 Nov)


Ellen in Den Haag (5)
(published: Tue 27 Nov)


Ellen in Den Haag
(published: Sun 25 Nov)


Ellen and Alana in The Hague
(published: Wed 21 Nov)

10 years Kaikura


Alana and the Rest (2)
(published: Mon 12 Nov)

As requested


Alana and the Amazon (A)
(published: Sat 10 Nov)


Alana and the Rest...
(published: Fri 9 Nov)

as requested...


Alana vs Josephine (2)
(published: Thu 8 Nov)


Alana vs Josephine
(published: Mon 5 Nov)


Alana in NL (7)
(published: Wed 24 Oct)

Photo's of her 2004 visit


Alana in NL (6)
(published: Tue 23 Oct)

Photo's of her 2004 visit that have not been online before


Alana in NL (4)
(published: Sun 21 Oct)


Classic Alana
(published: Wed 10 Oct)



Oktober 2012 Alana in NL (3)
(published: Tue 9 Oct)

April 2004


Summer in the City II
(published: Sun 3 Jun)


Margo Dydek
(published: Mon 21 May)

Margo Dydek died 26 May 2011.

We -Hans, PD and me- met her several times. It was such a GREAT lady. 37 is too young

A sad day for us all.


(published: Mon 21 Nov)


(published: Sat 19 Nov)

Martine (Tallest Dutch woman) being interviewed for Dutch Radio and TV -


A game of Back to back
(published: Fri 11 Nov)

Martine vs Josephine


Suzy being shorter...
(published: Mon 19 Sep)

Suzy and Ageeth meet Rigardus ..

And he is pretty tall


Game of Reach - Speciale !! Martine vs Andrea
(published: Thu 10 Feb)

Not for the weak of heart...

As this match was unbelieveble !

2m04+ Martine vs 2m06- Andrea


Game of Reach (2011)
(published: Wed 12 Jan)


Josephine meets... (2)
(published: Sun 2 Jan)

1m97 Josephine meets...


8 Years Kaikura... Who is taller ?
(published: Fri 24 Dec)

So .. who is Taller.. ?

Eller or...


The Deer Hunter...
(published: Thu 12 Aug)


SuperPam [Video] - contains video
(updated: Wed 28 Apr)

It's time for...

Superrrrrr Pamazon

and a friend


[Video] Alana in the Netherlands (2) - contains video
(published: Mon 16 Jun)

Alana in The Hague (2004)


[Video] Tallympics 2007 - contains video
(published: Wed 11 Jun)

Tallympics Video's

Super strong Calinda vs Wendy and Charlotte.


[Video] Alana vs Martine - contains video
(published: Fri 6 Jun)

Toyah and the two tallest Kaikura Models (back to back).


[Video] Alana in the Netherlands (1) - contains video
(published: Thu 5 Jun)



[Video] Dancing Pam - contains video
(published: Wed 4 Jun)


Caro at Kaikura
(published: Mon 6 Nov)

Caro at Kaikura (2) Elf Fantasy 2005



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